Pop into the 70s!

Note: Demo video limited to 5 questions.

Pop into the 70s is a pop music quiz app for the iPhone.

The 1970s was the era of glam rock, punk and disco music. Pop into the 70s ~ quiz! will test your knowledge of the songs and artists of the day. For those who lived through the 70s, let it prompt your memories of big hair, wide collars, flared trousers and platform shoes - and some great music!

This 70s pop quiz will test your knowledge of the era and will hopefully surprise you with some less well known facts. There are more than 300 questions in the app, all of which have been individually researched.

The questions are accessible whether you are online or not, so there is no waiting around for them to download from some distant server. With Pop into the 70s, you can start playing straight away, even if there is no mobile signal at all.

Pop into the 70s includes a two player option and a facility to listen to the songs featured in the last quiz played (this aspect does require an Internet connection).

Pop into the 70s is available now for the iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad on the App Store.

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